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gloucester oneseas was started in September of 2007. After it's owner Jill Josephson 
was let go from her 16 year project manager position at Gillette, she contemplated 
what she could do on a more philanthropic level combining her love of the ocean, 
children, graphic design and wordsmithing to bring a product to market that had 
some meaning. It didn't take long to come up with the whimsical "oneseas" idea 
and voila...a starfish was born!  

"What really made an impression on me, were two things...how many people 
were having babies, and how much media attention was growing on the green 
movement. I felt that the ocean had been forgotten. The fact that our planet is 
72% percent ocean made me realize I wanted to do something to bring that back, 
and what better way than to start by teaching our children at an early age. 
I live in Gloucester, MA and  spend allot of time on the water. 
You become very conscious about the litter and pollution humans deposit in the ocean, 
and you just want to educate people that every little thing they do affects the 
outcome of our environment".

"I really hope this line is a success in making a difference. If everyone takes the 
initiative in making even the smallest change to their lifestyle and pass that along
to their children, I truly believe we can save our oceans and the planet".

Thank you for your purchase and support!

Jill Josephson
gloucester oneseas

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